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DA BeSt SiTe Ev@

AbOuT mE (LoZ)
AbOuT mE (RyAn)
LaUrEn'S BesT BuDdIeS
Da LuRvVvVv PaGe
Da BoIz
Da GiRlZ
My Resume
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AbOuT mE (RyAn)


On this page i wil tell you a little about me and what i like doing.

Right this is me :
  • Name is Ryan Bennett
  • Live in Ebbw Vale.
  • In love with Lauren Selway.
  • Love having a great laugh with the boys.
  • Favourite hobbie is Football.
  • Enjoy the odd pint now and again like.
  • Enjoy going to cardiff.
  • Nearlly 6ft tall.
  • Blone hair, Thin , Athletic.
  • 4 brothers and 2 sisters.
  • Cant wait for the weekend to begin.
  • Feel free to talk to me on msn :